Welcome to 361 Interactive

Advanced ISR Analyst Training Techniques

Optimizing the analysts' abilities to assist the Warfighter mission

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Assessment

Identifying and training the skills to support forces in critical cross-cultural environments

Multimedia Health and Fitness Initiatives

Using game-based learning to promote fitness and drug resistance skills in America's youth

361 Interactive, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is a leading provider of military and commercial cognitive task analyses, multimedia, field-based and classroom-based training development, decision support system design, and expertise modeling and support. 361 Interactive focuses on the end users in real-world high-stakes uncertain work environments, eliciting, modeling, and supporting  decision-making expertise rather than trying to replace humans with technology or automation

We work closely with clients and end users, understanding that both groups are invaluable partners in discovery and development. Together with our partners, we integrate the latest in cognitive skills training research, and interactive, visualization, and data management technologies with sound cognitive and behavioral science research to help resolve their most critical and complex performance issues.

361 Interactive brings expertise in cognitive task analysis, train-the-trainer methodologies, critical thinking training, cognitive modeling, assessment, human performance evaluation, interface, and interactive media design to challenging problems to go a "degree beyond" in satisfying customer needs.